Sylvia Cohen
Sylvia Cohen
Fashion Designer

Sylvia Cohen is based in Montreal, Canada. She studied at Concordia University and LaSalle College. Her collections are designed and produced in Canada. With degrees in Fine Arts, Fashion Design and Illustration and an extensive experience working in the Canadian fashion industry, the designer decided to launch her signature line.

Part risk taker and part carefree spirit, she illustrates a duality where sharp and constructed meets soft and graceful to create a unique aesthetic. Inspired by fashion industry's 'mystics' the feel of leather or the softness of bamboo, the collection favors natural materials. The use of eco fabrics, organic cotton, bamboo, tencel and silk enhance the quality, fit and beauty of the garments. The collection nods to trends, but is designed for those with an individual approach to style. Knits that wrap and cover the body form a softly draped silhouette, as a shield for the wearer, enhanced by quiet textures. Highly functional, yet effortlessly edgy, wardrobe items include feminine tops and asymmetric dresses in body skimming jerseys and silks.
A combination of soft and hard result in pieces made to be worn. Sylvia Cohen's design philosophy is to create garments that are not only fashionable but stimulate the senses, pieces that seduce the eye but also inspire through a commitment to sustainability.

A contemporary collection of dresses, tunics, tops and bottoms that can be dressed up or down to make every woman look and feel their best. There are styles ranging from edgy to sporty but always chic. Finding the balance between fabric, form and advocating pure style while maintaining a sense of wellbeing is the delicate motivation behind the Sylvia Cohen collections. With a mix of easy draping, asymmetry and the use of eco friendly fabrics the color palette is deliberately neutral, noble and classic. Clothes to feel free and comfortable in while creating a visual impact. Original designs that cater to the unique and inimitable woman whose understated style "whispers" look at me.